The Venus Factor diet plan is the Fat Reduction system created by renowned fitness and nutrition expert John Barban just for women. Barban has examined the physical and psychological differences between women and men and has found gender-special exercise and nutritional strategies that cause exceptional results for girls. Additionally , the whole system is not an one fits all plan but instead is customized to each individual player.

John has spent many years working with a wide variety of girls and has not been unable to use his many years experience as a private fitness instructor to formulate a natural and effective weight loss program designed just for the female body kind. The whole program is suitable and adaptable for girls with different fitness levels and weight-loss requirements. Additionally, you'll not have to rely on other artificial supplements and harmful weight-loss pills.

What is included in the plan

The system consists of 4 core elements:



The Venus Factor PDF manual, which contains a concise and clear guide that is simple to follow step-by-step.
A workout plan, consisting of an entire 12 week workout guide that can be carried out both at home or at a fitness center. There's also the added convenience of exercise videos that show you precisely the way to perform each routine.
A Virtual Nutritionist guide, software application which you will use to get your own individually tailored nutritional strategy that's based on your body type, metabolism, age and weight, diet targets.
An online community, where you gain access to the members forum and can participate in a disccuing the program and share hints and tricks with other members on how best to lose weight fast.
the venus factor

The Venus Factor diet is a 12 week course and the main PDF manual explains all aspects of the system in a transparent and concise easy to follow step-by-step guide. You're supplied your very own daily 40 minute exercise routines, personal meal plans and food shopping lists and recipes to allow you to cook your own meals.

The forum is a fantastic resource which additionally gives the options to create weight loss journey and your own blog, share podcasts and get advise from other members. It may be described as a great motivational tool as you'll not feel isolated and be part of a greater community of like minded folks with similar goals.

The Negatives

My only negative is that you just must bear in mind the Venus Factor is a merchandise that is digital. What this means is the entire program is accessible for download only and you'll not be sent any physical items in the post. Hence, it may not be acceptable for women who prefer a merchandise that is physical. Nonetheless, this is ideal for anyone who have access to an eReader device such as Kindle, Samsung Galaxy Pad or an Apple iPad as you will find a way to download the complete software and utilize it directly from your eReader.

Getting the application

When you see the Venus Factor system official site, you will find a way give you've got a greater comprehension of how the John Barban free video presentation which explains exactly what is included in the program works and to view it. After which you'll find a way to buy the entire system.

You may be automatically sent a confirmation email message, when you have made your purchase. Please check your 'Junk' mail folder for those who have not received an e-mail to your own Inbox mail folder. The e-mail includes a receipt an a link to the members area where you are able to then download the program and begin using it straight away.


The Venus Factor comes highly recommended for those girls who are seeking powerful and natural system which not only includes 60-day money-back guarantee but also espouses an entire lifestyle alternative of both weight loss and healthy living. You'll also experience a boost in your confidence and increased energy levels.

You will not have to execute any strenuous exercises, have any nutritional supplements that are man-made that are harmful or starve yourself. Instead you'll follow a balanced and healthful diet and a personalized workout.